Collagen boosting range- how does it work?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, how do I bring my glow back?

     Collagen, a protein naturally produced in the body, is also a popular supplement and beauty product ingredient that claims to improve the health of your skin.Collagen has a reputation of improving skin elasticity, reducing visiblewrinkles, and increasing blood flow to the skin.

     As we age, our skin loses collagen, a naturally produced protein that is found in bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For your skin, it acts as an
agent of strengthening, helping in the elasticity and hydration that gives you the
glow of youth in our 20s. But as we grow older the body produces less collagen,
leading to dry skin, wrinkles and sagging. As inevitable as this process is, it is ,
however, possible to slow the signs of aging and give your skin a boost of glow
through increasing collagen with natural ingredients.

     Who doesn’t want flawless and youthful skin? It might seem that achieving
picture-perfect skin is somewhat impossible, but that cannot be further away
from the truth.
     Presenting to you, our Collagen Boosting mask, that not only repairs and
nourishes your skin but also reverses the damage that has already occurred. The
mask is highly beneficial to vitalize your skin with ingredients like Shilajit,
Saffron and Indian Ginseng. They have skin restorative benefits which helps
reduce free radicals and give your skin the firmness and elasticity it deserves.

     To pair with your boosting mask, use our Collagen Boosting Shailajitadi
Thailam, a Unique ayurvedic face oil blend to boost firmness of skin naturally.
The home grown ingredients like tila thailam, shilajit, ashwagandha and more
improves the firmness of your skin and strengthens the elasticity to reduce the
visible signs of aging on your face significantly. With a boost on collagen, the
oil actively reduces sagging and fine lines- giving you the radiance of youth.

     This duo is an incredible option for people who turn to organic and natural
supplements for skin. Apply the mask 2-3 times in a week and watch visible
changes in your skin’s appearance. One tablespoon of our Collagen Boosting
Mask with a few droplets of water makes the ideal consistency that you need.
After washing off the mask after 15-20 mins, apply 3-4 drops of collagen
Boosting Shilajitadi Thailam evenly to your face and neck everyday. This
process will slow down the aging of your skin by reducing wrinkles and
dryness, giving it a significant elasticity and a youthful glow.

     You must remember that skin cells are always in the cycle of being made and
destroyed naturally, however environmental factors make it worse. Harsh
weather, pollution, dust and even exposure to sun can damage the skin
significantly. On days you go out, never forget a good sunscreen. Remember to
carry sunglasses on bright sunny days to protect the collagen around your eyes
as well. This will help in reducing wrinkles around the corner. As always, aging
is a natural process that can’t be avoided, but you can take care of your skin to
delay and reduce the impact of it!

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