Winter hair and skincare tips that you need to know!

It's that time of the year...

The cold wind is waking up, the trees preparing to sleep. The sun is softening its touch, and warm clothes are making an entrance in everyday outfits. The Christmas season has its charms and beauty that either makes you want to explore the world or stay in the blankets all day. But winters can be equally harsh on our skin and hair, which is why they need special care to face the cold. Winters bring with it problems such as dry skin and dandruff for both men and women,but fear not, we have some tips to keep these problems at bay.

Hair: Wash in lukewarm water
We are aware of the hair crime, that is, using hot water to wash them. But that is not a sign
for you to wash them in ice-cold water that freezes your head right down to your soul. Avoid
catching a cold and ensure that the temperature is not hot and just cold enough for you to be

Skin: Don't skip on hydration
A lot of us with oily skins tend to skip on hydrating. That is the biggest mistake you can
make. Not moisturising or hydrating your skin externally is the best way to expose your skin
to the harshness of nature. Apply a serum, cream, or facial oil like 24k Kumkumadi Thailam,
to lock in the moisture.

Hair: Oil the ends
Avoiding oiling the scalp to avoid dandruff can be a good move if you have dandruff prone
hair, but your ends should be conditioned at least twice a month. Oiling the lengths of your
hair makes sure that you won't have to suffer from roughness and split ends. A good oil like
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can do wonders for your hair.

Skin: Remember to Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

This is cliche, but true. Take this as a reminder to maintain a healthy diet. Don't forget to
drink water, keep the temperature according to your needs. And include omega-3 or omega-
6 fatty acids in your diet.

Hair: Detox
Winters bring the threat of build-up; invest in a good hair cleanser that can scrub all the
grime and dirt on your scalp. Our Organic Hair Cleanser effectively cleans your scalp and
hair, removing dirt, debris and excess oils while letting all the essential nutrients intact and
making your hair soft and manageable.

Skin: Maintain a skin care routine
Winters demand for your skin care routine to be slightly changed, so more focus on
moisturising. Cleansing should be balanced, don’t overdo it but don’t skip it.

Hope this helps you start your winter self-care journey, we all have to go through a process
of learning and experiencing. Take your time to find what makes your skin and hair happy.
And while you are at , give The Tribe Concepts a try, you will assuredly like something that
keeps you coming back.
This winter face the cold with glowing skin and healthy hair.

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