As the weather changes for the better and the festive bells start ringing in India, there is a different fervour in the air. The old drab everyday markets suddenly start sparkling with lights and festive decoration, indulgent spread is suddenly on the menu rather too often and jewel toned hues adorn the fashion choices – safe to say – FESTIVITIES are here and it is time to play the role of a perfect guest and once in a while the perfect host.

     And when the discussion is around guest etiquettes – GIFTING is key. Be it a quick stop to wish and call on your next door neighbours or a long drawn teen patti affair at your best friend’s – picking the perfect present becomes very important. Which is why we have collated a few unique gifting options that will ensure smiles on your favorite people hopefully no regifting.

1. Customised Gourmet Hampers: So you know your friend can’t start her day without her
Vienna roast in the morning. She also finds a ton of comfort while slurping her favourite
Korean kimchi flavoured instant noodles. Voila – customise a gift hamper that is tailor-
made for your friend. Add in some of her favourite chocolates and viennoiseries and
you have a hamper – your friend cannot wait to dig into.

2. Organic Self-Indulgent Gifts: It seems like the pandemic has really urged people to
make conscious decisions in their everyday life. Which means switching to more
sustainable options for the most basic products they use daily on a recurring basis. The
Tribe Concepts’ Amara Bath Ritual Box and Niyama Essentials Box are complete with
the goodness of luxury Ayurveda. Indulge your friends in the purest, most organic,
vegan, cruelty and chemical free products from top to toe that come together in plush
signature packaging of The Tribe Concepts. What’s more is that the fusion of oils &
cleansers made with revitalising herbs & precious Ayurvedic ingredients for healthy hair
and skin will only add to your friend’s festive glow.

3. Hobby Class Coupons: It’s been a while and all people have done is Netflix marathon or
Hotstar reruns. Get your friends or family to come out of their comfort and try
something new like pottery classes, sushi making tutorials or horse riding sessions. You
never know what sticks and gives them a new passion for life. Just ensure that these
classes are being conducted in a socially distant manner.

4. Personalised Stationery: In this modern age of emails, text and direct messaging, even
Snapchat, you would think that writing a letter is becoming a lost art and one that many
people simply don’t know how to do. Gifting personalised stationery such as personal
writing paper, correspondence cards, thank you cards complete with personalised
letterhead, fonts and colour scheme are sure to swoon your hosts over the thoughtful

5. Couverture Chocolates: Not just any chocolates but true couverture chocolates offer a
luxurious, healthy and delectable experience. Skip the traditional mithai and treat your
loved ones to delicate dainties that have been hand crafted to perfection. Many fine
chocolate makers produce couverture chocolate, including Amano, Callebaut, El Rey,
Felchlin, Guittard, Lindt, Scharffen Berger, and Valrhona. T in some of the most exotic

6. A Rejuvenating Spacation: All the planning and shopping for the festive season ensures
all work and very little play especially people who love to play hosts. Gift them some
much needed TLC after the festivities end to keep up with everyday hustle.

From Diwali cleaning to finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family, there’s a lot that needs
to be done in a short span of time. We hope this list helps you out when you’re shopping for your
Diwali gifts this season.

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