Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - TheTribeConcepts
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - TheTribeConcepts

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Product description

Our 'Extra Virgin Coconut Oil' is so pure and natural that you can eat it, drink it and drench in it. We made the oil with utmost care by cold pressing fresh coconuts to extract 100% concentration to retain all its nutrients. The oil is unrefined, unbleached and we do not add any kinds of mineral oils. We have made it like a DIY (Do It Yourself) solution for all basic skin and hair care needs. The oil can be used as a moisturizer, face cream, body & hair massage oil, lip balm, lip scrub, baby massage oil, salad dressing, dental aid, leather conditioner and many

What’s In It?

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Nothing Else…

How To Use?

Can be used
  • As a Moisturizer - By mixing 1 part of “THE TRIBE CONCEPTS - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” with 3 parts of water in a spray bottle. Shake it. Spray it evenly all over your body and massage gently. Make if fresh every time.
  • As a Night Cream - By mixing equal amounts of Oil with water.
  • As a Lip Balm - Apply the Oil directly to your lips during nights.
  • As a Lip Scrub - By freshly mixing equal quantities of Oil with Sugar.
  • As a Dental Aid - Swish the Oil for 10 minutes daily in the morning to fight from harmful bacteria, plaque, caries and gum diseases.
  • As a Hair Oil
  • As a Cooking Oil
  • As a Salad Dressing
  • As a Leather Conditioner
  • And Many More...


  • Makes your face, skin & body soft, nourished, even toned and moisturized
  • Makes your hair conditioned and manageable
  • Makes your lips soft and young
  • Makes your teeth & gums disease free and many more