Perfect 2 step routine for improving the firmness and radiance of skin with a unique natural formula
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Specifically formulated for imparting incomparable anti ageing and skin restorative benefits, this power packed duo as a routine helps in improving skin firmness, reduces fine lines and gives a radiance like never before. Formulated with unique luxurious ingredients like Himlayan Shilajit, Indian Ginseng, Saffron this product is a must have for boosting the collagen of the skin, naturally! Follow this regime and your skin will thank you for it!
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  • Unique Anti ageing properties 
  •  Improves skin frimness and Elasticity
  •  Visibly reduces signs of ageing
  •  Reduction in fine lines
  •  Improves tautness of skins and actively reduces sagging
  •  Radiant complexion
  • Unique Anti ageing properties 
  • Improves skin Firmness and Elasticity
  • Visibly reduces signs of ageing
  • Reduction in fine lines 
  • Improves tautness of skins and actively reduces sagging
  • Radiant complexion


Step 1:

Take 1 tsp of “The Tribe Concepts - Collagen Boosting Mask” in a bowl and mix it with water and apply it all over the clean face and neck. Leave it on for 15-20 mins, wash your face, and pat dry. Use it 2-3 times in a week for reduction in fine lines and a visible skin radiance.


Step 2:
Take 3-4 drops of “The Tribe Concepts - Collagen Boosting Shilajitadi Thailam”, apply evenly to your face & neck.Gently massage with your fingertips for a 1-2 minutes in upward motion.Leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour and wash off with a mild cleanser. Use it every day for a healthy, glowing and even skin tone.

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Customer Reviews

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Good face oil for anti ageing.

Best Anti Aging combo

I loved this combo ❤️

Awesome products

awesome product. nice product. no side effects. suitable for all skin. buying another one. You also trust us. With age control. clean face. visible results. A product where you can trust and use long-lasting, amazing ultimate results. I love this product. ...Read Less

Best Combo for anti-ageing

My mom was feeling sad until for her wrinkles on her face, we searched a lot of products , but this polluted time we don't want to take risk using chemicals, one day we've seen The tribe Concepts on some social media, we've ordered this collagen kit for my mom and the results are awesome, she loved the product

Love this kit

I never heard about shilajit before but I purchased this based on Shilpa Reddy recommendation. Both the oil and mask are too good. Quantity can be more but even then it’s worth it. I can see reduction in fine lines and skin has really tightened

Quality 10/10
Price 7.5/10
Delivery 9/10

Overall I will repurchase the oil for sure and maybe even the mask

Q: Can I leave it overnight and use it as a serum?
A: Yes, You can leave it overnight and can be used as a serum.

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