Collagen Boosting Kit

Perfect 2 step routine for improving the firmness and radiance of skin with a unique natural formula
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Specifically formulated for imparting incomparable anti ageing and skin restorative benefits, this power packed duo as a routine helps in improving skin firmness, reduces fine lines and gives a radiance like never before. Formulated with unique luxurious ingredients like Himlayan Shilajit, Indian Ginseng, Saffron this product is a must have for boosting the collagen of the skin, naturally! Follow this regime and your skin will thank you for it!
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  • Unique Anti ageing properties 
  •  Improves skin frimness and Elasticity
  •  Visibly reduces signs of ageing
  •  Reduction in fine lines
  •  Improves tautness of skins and actively reduces sagging
  •  Radiant complexion
  • Unique Anti ageing properties 
  • Improves skin Firmness and Elasticity
  • Visibly reduces signs of ageing
  • Reduction in fine lines 
  • Improves tautness of skins and actively reduces sagging
  • Radiant complexion


Step 1:

Take 1 tsp of “The Tribe Concepts - Collagen Boosting Mask” in a bowl and mix it with water and apply it all over the clean face and neck. Leave it on for 15-20 mins, wash your face, and pat dry. Use it 2-3 times in a week for reduction in fine lines and a visible skin radiance.


Step 2:
Take 3-4 drops of “The Tribe Concepts - Collagen Boosting Shilajitadi Thailam”, apply evenly to your face & neck.Gently massage with your fingertips for a 1-2 minutes in upward motion.Leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour and wash off with a mild cleanser. Use it every day for a healthy, glowing and even skin tone.

They Say, We SAY

Q: Can I leave it overnight and use it as a serum?
A: Yes, You can leave it overnight and can be used as a serum.

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