The Ultimate 2 step combo for glowing & nourished skin

The Ultimate 2 step combo  for glowing & nourished skin

Always standing for natural & Ayurvedic ingredients, The Tribe Concepts bridges the gap between natural beauty & you, one product at a time. Our range of plant based & vegan ingredients are locally sourced from the tribal valleys of India.

With a plethora of combos and kits to choose from, we crafted the Face Glow Kit recently as it encapsulates the two bespoke bestselling products that make for a minimal regime.

The Face Glow Kit is a luxurious combination of 24k Kumkumadi Thailam - the golden elixir of Ayurveda and the Exotic Face Glow Mask - the ultimate 15 minute ritual for hydrated & cleansed skin. 

 Let’s dive deep into each of the products to unveil the benefits of this glow-giving kit

  1. Exotic Glow Mask - The first step of this potent regimen, the glow mask carries earthy fragrant notes & luxurious ingredients that work naturally to provide a glowing & hydrated look. The Exotic Glow Mask features unique ingredients like Chironji, Marigold & Red Sandalwood - each element rendering an overall exotic experience for radiant & glowing skin. This hardworking formula instantly improves and locks in moisture into the skin and delivers continuous hydration for dewy & supple skin. 
    Secret Tip: The multipurpose marvel can be mixed with kitchen ingredients like Dahi (Yogurt), Potato/ Tomato Juice, Aloe Vera or Rose Water to provide added benefits.
  2. 24K Kumkumadi Thailam - The second step after washing off the potent glow mask, 24K Kumkumadi Thailam is crafted to impart nourished & radiant skin. It is an age-old Ayurvedic potion that unites beautiful ingredients like Saffron, Haridra, Rose, Lodhra & Haritaki. This quick absorbing formula renders intense hydration and supports healthy skin. It does not contain any synthetic & chemical laden ingredients which ensures the skin to feel radiant, naturally. 
    Secret Tip: This elixir is highly beneficial as a face massage oil to depuff and lift the skin naturally, it can also be used in combination with a massage tool like Gua Sha or Jade Roller to render additional benefits to the skin.

On a mission to make beauty inclusive, accessible & affordable, we formulated these combos that cater to multiple skincare/ haircare concerns. The values of back to roots, transparency and effectiveness define us and we strive to live up to them every day. It is our promise that you can expect to find these three attributing values to every product that you purchase from us or will, in the future.


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