Can powder based natural products be used on babies? A complete guide

Parenting is tough, it’s not a lesson that we have practiced or learnt in school. With a
newborn, you become a parent for the first time too. As a new parent, nothing is more
important than the health of your baby. We can become obsessed with their diets, growth
and check ups. One thing that needs our utmost attention is the baby’s skin. Newborn baby
skin is the softest yet the most delicate thing. In the early months of an infant’s life, the
baby’s immune system is still on the developing stage. During that time, it’s important to use
the mild cleansers and oil instead of lotion to keep it nourished. As the baby’s skin is prone
to dryness, eczema and diaper rashes, it’s ideal to treat those issues with natural based
products which won’t worsen the problem.
While shopping for baby products, remember to check the ingredients list for the following

1. The product should be dye-free. Avoid using anything that has artificial color, it can
irritate the baby’s skin and develop worse rashes.
2. Stay clear of artificial fragrances in baby products. These smells might lead to igniting
allergies or even make problems in baby’s breathing.
3. “Hypoallergenic” products can be misleading. Even if these products are more
unlikely to cause allergies, the consistency can be harsh on your little one’s skin.
4. Consult a dermatologist on the chemicals to avoid and the products that suit your
baby’s skin.
From baby oil and baby cleansers, there are a lot of products that can make your infant’s
skin soft and healthy. Using the right products for your little one's skin is essential in order to
avoid dryness and irritation. Natural baby skin care products are the safest measure for
most infants. Before selecting the products, refer to the ingredient list to check if the

products you chose might have herbs that your baby might have an allergic reaction to. To
protect your little one’s body and hair, we have created an all-natural range of products with
pure and ultra-potent ingredients, which are enriched with healing and replenishing
Here are 2 products that you need to have for your little one: With a blend of besan, milk and
malai - Ubtan Body Cleanser is a mixture that is safe and gives your baby soft and healthy
skin. We all grew up with our mothers applying ubtan on our body, and gently rubbing off all
the dirt to leave a skin softer than flowers. Our Ubtan Body cleanser is made from the recipe
passed through generations, made with ayurvedic ingredients that solve the baby’s skin
problems effectively while working as an alternative to chemically based soap. This powder
based formula is 100% safe to use, just mix it in water to form a paste.
Coconut oil is an essential in everyone’s skincare, including infants. IT comes as a blessing
due to the cooling elements that soothe inflammation and rashed- which baby skin is prone
to. We manufacture the oil with the highest care, cold pressing fresh coconuts to obtain
100% concentration and keep all of their benefits. The oil is unrefined, unbleached, and
devoid of mineral oils of any type. This oil acts as a multifunctional product- which you can
use to moisturize the baby and even stimulate healthy hair growth. Take a generous amount
of oil and gently massage the baby’s body and limbs to stimulate good blood circulation. A
good oil bath, helps the baby sleep better and ensures strong bones

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